Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя

Agus Yulianto. Best Arduino Automation Project: Arduino Project Ideas for Automated System

Wouldn’t it's exquisite to water your greenhouse without leaving your chair, or open your garage door remotely?
Rather than permit your Arduino sit down on a shelf amassing dust (we’re all responsible of that occasionally), have interaction it as the key issue of some home automation projects. We’ve compiled this list of 13 to show you simply what is feasible.

Arduino Project Ideas for Automated System

One of the super matters about Arduino home automation projects is that with the addition of an Ethernet protect, you can flip your Arduino into a web-connected tool, able to transfer lighting, TVs, coffee machines – pretty a lot something you may think of – on and off, the use of both a browser-primarily based interface or a timer. See my littleBits infra-crimson mild transfer challenge for a evidence of idea – the identical can be completed with an Arduino.

Arduino Powered Service Elevator
Layout and take a look at a manipulate device for a provider raise working for four floors. The microcontroller (ATMega2560) is used to decide which contactor to provide strength for you to set off the carry motor to transport the raise up or down by means of checking the floor the lift is currently at. The control gadget ought to be additionally capable of prevent the energy to the lift whilst it has reached the desired floor. An integral safety factor must be implemented to continually close the lift door earlier than transferring up or down.

The manage device is successfully able to determine which contactor wishes to be powered which will circulate the elevate to the desired ground. The gadget is able to manipulate the protection carry door motor for you to near the door whilst the elevate wishes to transport and open the door automatically while it has reached the specified ground.

1. Arduino Powered Service Elevator
2. Arduino Digital Light
3. Arduino Low Cost High Power Motor Driver 1 to 220V
4. Power Saving with Arduino
5. Make an Autonomous "Follow Me" Cooler
6. Control Electronics By Sliding Your Phone
7. Touch Display: Game "Flappy Bird"
8. Intel Arduino 101 BLE Blynk Tank
9. Christmas Neopixel Led Strip
10. Digital Dashboard
11. Android App-Based Home Automation System Using IOT
12. Chatbot Controlled Robotic Arm
13. Traffic Light Information System

Разве это не изысканно поливать теплицу, не покидая свой стул или дистанционно открывать дверь гаража? Вместо того, чтобы позволить вашему Arduino валяться на полке, накапливая пыль, использовать его как ключевую деталь для некоторых проектов домашней автоматизации. Мы составили этот список из 13 проектов, чтобы просто показать вам, что это возможно.

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