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Steven Giles. Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide

Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your Raspberry Pi With This Ultimate Guide! Do you want to get the most out of the worlds fastest selling computer? Learn the fundamentals of the Raspberry Pi today!
Basic and Advanced Rasberry Pi Guide!!

Steven Giles. Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide

You Will Learn The Following:

- What Is The Raspberry Pi

- The Benefits of using the Raspberry Pi

- Downloading and using the Raspberry Pi

- Downloading software on the Raspberry Pi

- Tips And Tricks To Getting The Most From Your Raspberry Pi

- All Round Guide To Becoming Raspberry Pi Geek

- And Much Much More

This book explores a number of things you can do with your Raspberry Pi 3, from controlling hardware with Python, to using it as a media centre, or building games in Scratch. The beauty of the Raspberry Pi 3 is that it’s just a very tiny general purpose computer (which may be a little slower than you’re used to for some desktop applications, but much better at some other stuff than a regular PC), so you can do anything you could do on a regular computer with it. In addition, the Raspberry Pi3 has powerful multimedia and 3D graphics capabilities, so it has the potential to be used as a games platform, and we very much hope to see people starting to write games for it.
Whether you just want to learn more about the Raspberry Pi or already understand it and want extra help becoming more aware of what it can do, this book is for you.

Название: Raspberry Pi Beginners Guide
Автор: Steven Giles
Издательство: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Год: 2017
Страниц: 87
Язык: Английский
Формат: epub, pdf
Качество: отличное
Размер: 12.0 mb

Raspberry Pi
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