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Practical Electronics №8 (August 2019)

Practical Electronics №8 (August 2019)

Practical Electronics (ex. Everyday Practical Electronics) - популярный зарубежный журнал по электронике и схемотехнике для электронщиков и компьютерных энтузиастов. В журнале для повторения приводится полное описание проектов, со схемами и печатными платами. Принципиальные схемы, элементная база, измерительная техника и оборудование – всё это в доступной и понятной форме для специалистов и любителей.


Projects and Circuits
Brainwave Monitor. This Arduino-Nano-based project can detect your brainwaves, display them on a computer screen or save them for later analysis.
Super Digital Sound Effects Module - Part 1. This powerful module can be loaded with dozens of sound effects or audio tracks, short or long, and boasts virtually unlimited playback time and advanced controls.
Control your PC with an infrared remote. Operating a keyboard/mouse from the couch with a home theatre PC (HTPC) is clumsy. Use this IR remote for important functions like play, pause or next track.
Watchdog Alarm. Are your kids very territorial? Do they want extra security against invasion of their rooms by pesky siblings? Here’s a door alarm they’ll love!

Series, Features and Columns
The Fox Report. 5G primer
Techno Talk. Cosmic radio cracked
Net Work. The conflicting requirements of security, cooperation and trade that lie at the heart of the Huawei debate; plus, the latest broadband-from-space news.
Electronics for a car dynamometer. Electronics ingenuity gets a second-hand ‘rolling road’ up and running for a fraction of the cost of a new one.
Circuit Surger. Understanding bipolar junction transistors - Part 2
Audio Out. The PE Theremin - Part 3
Max’s Cool Beans. Nixie party, 4-bit computers and a stability question
Make it with Micromite. Part 7: Adding sound to a project; Micromite and Apple Mac
Electronic Building Blocks. World’s best DIY car immobiliser

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Year / Month: 2019 / August
Number: Volume 48. No. 8
Format: PDF
Size: 73.15 Mb
Pages: 84
Language: English

Practical Electronics
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