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Radio User No.3 2020

Radio User No.3 2020

Radio User March 2020 Vol.15 No 3

Since its debut in 2006, RadioUser, the former Short Wave Magazine, has been the best-selling radio listener`s’ magazine in the UK. It covers all forms of broadcast and two-way radio, but not amateur radio. The magazine offers regular columns, exciting features, equipment reviews and a plethora of resources on a large number of radio topics.

With one eye on the traditions and history of radio, and another one on its present and dynamic future, RadioUser contains up-to-the-minute writing from our expert team of authors, on:

What's in this Issue?
• Top-Review: The Cross Country Wireless Active Loop Aerial Amplifier
• Long-Awaited: Annual RadioUser Review of the Best Listening Guides
• Over the Horizon: Using an SDR for Maritime Monitoring
• Some Exciting New Uses for Digital and Network Radio
• Construction and Operating: A GPS Receiver Project
• New Mini-Series: Radio and Activism
• Weather and Radio: From Isobars to Millibars (Part Two)
• Profile of Communications at London Heathrow Airport (Part Two).


Название: Radio User
Год / месяц: March 2020
Формат: True PDF
Размер: 17.92 Mb
Язык: English

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Radio User News and Products Reviews of the latest radios scanners antennas and other radio equipment International Broadcast Radio FM Digital and Online Network Radio Podcasting and Digital Radio CB Radio Taking Radio Mobile DXpeditions
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