Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя

Silicon Chip No.8 (August 2019)

Silicon Chip No.8 (August 2019)

Silicon Chip magazine is Australia's premier electronics magazine with reliable information on a whole range of electronics-related topics.

In the August 2019 issue:

  • Publisher's Letter: Jaycar Maker Hubs bring great possibilities / New Micromite V3 BackPack will be the standard
  • Feature: Fluid logic, Fluidics and Microfluidics
  • Feature: We visit the new “maker hub” concept by Jaycar
  • Project: Micromite LCD BackPack Version 3
  • Feature: Canberra’s Vintage Radio “MegaFest”
  • Serviceman's Log: Remaking a ‘vintage’ guitar FX pedal
  • Feature: First look: the new Raspberry Pi 4B
  • Project: Radio Head Unit Dimmer Adaptor
  • Feature: Quantum-dot Cellular Automata
  • Project: Discrete Logic Random Number Generator
  • Circuit Notebook: PICAXE “Knight Rider” LED chaser display
  • Circuit Notebook: Voice modulator for sound effects
  • Circuit Notebook: Arduino LoRa chat terminal with QWERTY keyboard
  • Circuit Notebook: Phantom-powered microphone over telephone cables
  • Circuit Notebook: AM radio distribution amplifier
  • Vintage Radio: 1924 RCA AR-812 superhet radio receiver
  • Inner Back Cover: Emona Rigol test instruments
  • Outer Back Cover: Hare&Forbes MachineryHouse

Year: 2019
Pages: 116
English language
Format: PDF
Quality: excellent
Size: 33,71 Мб

Silicon Chip
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