Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя
Программы для радиолюбителя

Millimeter-Wave Circuits for 5G and Radar

Millimeter-Wave Circuits for 5G and Radar

Discover the concepts, architectures, components, tools, and techniques needed to design millimeter-wave circuits for current and emerging wireless system applications. Focusing on applications in 5G, connectivity, radar, and more, leading experts in radio frequency integrated circuit (RFIC) design provide a comprehensive treatment of cutting-edge physical-layer technologies for radio frequency (RF) transceivers - specifically RF, analog, mixed-signal, and digital circuits and architectures.

The full design chain is covered, from system design requirements through to building blocks, transceivers, and process technology. Gain insight into the key novelties of 5G through authoritative chapters on massive MIMO and phased arrays, and learn about the very latest technology developments, such as FinFET logic process technology for RF and millimeter-wave applications. This is an essential reading and an excellent reference for high-frequency circuit designers in both academia and industry.

Автор: Gernot Hueber, Ali M. Niknejad
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Год: 2019
Страниц: 455
Язык: Английский
Формат: pdf
Качество: отличное
Размер: 51.2 mb

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